Blue Ridge Banjoe

Blue Ridge Banjoe

Banjoe was adopted in October, 2017 by horse trainer Sam Smucker who has worked with several ATR horses in 2017. Sam is a wonderful trainer who has been very patient and kind with Banjoe as he’s helped us get him in work. At the end of their time together, he offered to buy Banjoe outright for himself, and we were thrilled! Can’t wait to see how he progresses. You better believe we’ll be visiting!

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“Banjoe” is an incredibly kind, 3 year old gelding by Fairbanks who arrived to After the Races at the end of April directly from his owner and breeder. While Banjoe was started under saddle with his kind trainer, he wasn’t quite holding up to the rigors of training and his connections made the responsible choice not to push him into a racing career. Diagnostics done in their care show an abnormality in one sesamoid, and we plan to do a few more diagnostics here to learn what we can about what his future might hold.

Banjoe is currently butt-high, having just turned 3 years old on April 26, and appears to be about to go through another growth spurt. His haunches measure at 17.1 and a half while his withers measure at 16.2 and a half. This is going to be one big horse once he evens out and matures fully (which could easily take him til he’s 5 years old). Thankfully he is a gentle giant, taking his new routine in with caution but putting trust in his handlers every step of the way.

Banjoe was diagnosed with changes to a sesamoid upon his evaluation at our farm, though it was recommended we give him some time turned out and then put him to work. We decided to pay a local trainer to work with Banjoe for a couple months as we felt he needed more than a few days a week attention. Banjoe has been flourishing under Sam’s care and handling and should be ready to be adopted into a low level home soon!