Canecao – “Archer”

Canecao – “Archer”

Archer was adopted in August of 2017 by Dominique, an event rider at a local barn. She’s already reporting that he’s doing great and off to a lovely start. We just know they’ll do great together.

Original post:

“Archer” is a strikingly unique, Argentenian Thoroughbred that came to ATR through Penn National’s New Start for Horses program. Archer is 6 years old and had a modest career as a racehorse, retiring when he fractured a splint bone. Thankfully the fragment from the fracture was removed surgically, and he is now undergoing what should be a fairly straightforward rehab. Archer is a registered chestnut, but has very unique coloring. His mane and tail are both black with streaks of grey and his eyes are almost amber in color.

Archer enjoyed a textbook rehabilitation, presenting sound at every evaluation by our veterinarian and he was just cleared to go back to work without limits on June 23rd. In his day-to-day routine, Archer is easy to handle and gets along great with other horses, with which he’s turned out 16+ hours a day.

Under saddle, Archer has proven to be one to try very hard for his rider and enjoys to work. He’s capable of being quite fancy, just needs an experienced rider to bring it out. He’s fairly straightforward as far as OTTBs go. While we do require experienced riders for our horses, there’s no buck or rear in Archer that we’ve seen. Archer has done a fair bit of walk/trot/canter in a ring setting and has been started on trails, which he really seems to enjoy!