Cement Clement

Cement Clement

Clem, now “Rowan,” was adopted by Ashly in Gap, Pennsylvania in August of 2017. Early reports are that he’s settling in and nearly done with his rehabilitation. Ashly shares a vet with us here at After the Races so we know they’ll do right by him. When the time comes, Ashly is hoping Clem will make a nice little hunt horse as well as a fun pleasure horse who might also pursue some less traditional training for a Thoroughbred, such as pulling a cart for pleasure driving. Can’t wait to see what they get up to!

Original post:

Cement Clement is a tall, dark, and handsome 6 year old gelding that arrived in May from Penn National’s New Start for Horses program. He’s a darker liver chestnut that stands around 16.3 hands. He finished a respectable career of 26 races with having placed in multiple stakes races.

After his initial and subsequent evaluations, Clem is expected to move on to another career without any serious limitations. His vet evaluation and ultrasound on May 24th showed an older suspensory injury that just needs a bit more time to finish healing. His second ultrasound and check-up on July 27th showed a sound horse who has made tremendous improvement in a short time. While currently turned out daily in a small/medium sized paddock, he is ready to begin veterinarian-prescribed under saddle exercise, and we hope he’ll be able to return gradually to full work this fall.

Cement Clement is a very classy horse who we think will be an asset to any team. He’s a phenomenal and eye catching even standing still. His continued rehab plan will consist of small turn-out and possibly controlled under saddle exercise. If the appropriate rider comes along that would like to take over his rehabilitation, we will consider it. We have yet to begin him under saddle at this time largely due to time constraints.