Ennie’s Lament – “Ernie”

Ennie’s Lament – “Ernie”

“Ernie” is a beautiful, big-boned, big-bodied bay mare who is 8 years old and 16.2 hands. Ernie is a former ATR graduate who was adopted through us about four years ago who was returned purely due to the financial situation of her owner and no fault of her own. She is sound, sane, and a personal favorite of ours from the time we had her before.

We got Ernie when she was in pretty bad shape 4 years ago when her nickname was “Skinny Ennie.” Over 200 pounds underweight and with a fracture that had not been cared for properly, her future was uncertain. This mare defied all odds and healed beautifully with no future limitations and blossomed into a gorgeous horse. She seemed to be grateful for the time and attention she got here, working her way into the hearts of the staff and volunteers at the time. We actually just re-radiographed her in March and there is NO evidence of past injury! We will gladly share radiographs with seriously interested parties.

Now coming back after almost four years away, she’s coming back with more knowledge of the world beyond the racetrack. She is reported to have traveled to Swan Lake several times for schooling, and to be incredibly honest to fences, jumping anything you put in front of her. While her training has been a bit inconsistent due to time constraints of her previous owner, she says she thrives when she can be in a consistent program.

Ernie will be most suitable to an intermediate or better rider with a solid seat and soft hands who can keep her in a consistent program. She is not suitable for children. Ernie is a stunning horse who will thrive in a hunter ring but we could also see her doing well in the eventing world. She is worth a look for professionals and adult amateurs alike.

Ernie is currently available for adoption for $2000, but this will increase when we get her back into work. She is an upper level candidate.