Gracie Merlot – “Merlot”

Gracie Merlot – “Merlot”

Gracie was adopted by Michelle up in Massachusetts in April of 2016. After a fairly uneventful trailer ride up, we’ve received word she’s been settling right in to her new farm and routine. Michelle enjoys hunters, jumpers, and dressage riding and is looking forward to having a fun project to bring along!

Original post:

Gracie Merlot is a coming 6 year old mare that retired through Parx Racing’s Turning For Home program in January of 2017. She raced just over 40 times and proved she must be made of iron because she retired with pretty clean legs and very sound. Our vet eval performed soon after she arrived did not find any reason to put limitations on her next home. While Gracie was initially adopted after passing her PPE with flying colors, she was returned soon after through no fault of her own. A second evaluation by our veterinarian raised no concerns for her moving forward.

With no known history of injury at the racetrack, we hope this mare will go on to prove a loyal and possibly competitive partner for her next rider.

We have been able to free jump Merlot and she is an incredibly talented jumper and seems to enjoy it. No fear in this one, and she’s also proving to be one very intelligent mare in addition to simply nice to work around. We’ve had one ride on her under saddle and she was lovely. Stood for mounting and went around walk, trot, canter without issue. While still green, she’d make a great addition to any barn.