Jacob’s Arch – “Jake”

Jacob’s Arch – “Jake”

“Jake” is a very classy 17 year old gelding that came to us by way of his breeders and owners in Saratoga Springs after a long road between racing, rehab, recovery, and retirement. While Jake has some experience in a lesson and show environment, his original breeders brought him back to their farm five years ago.

Now in 2018 it seems it’s time for him to find a job again, and he seems to be relishing the opportunity. After a week or so settling in at the farm here, we decided to hop on Jake for his first “real” ride back in 5 years (though we’re told his groom would ride him bareback occasionally in those 5 years). He was, as expected, happy and willing to get back to it. We’ve ridden him since, English and Western, and Jake is a happy, safe horse with plenty of pep left in his step to go around. He loves having a job.

We’ve had Jake evaluated by our veterinarian here, along with considering his history, and he should be suitable for an active pleasure horse, husband horse, or other low-key but active home. He is sound, very sane, and has no vices. There’s no real reason to limit him other than over fences, which he should avoid due to an old knee injury.

I’m sure he’ll be a volunteer favorite here to ride and work with til he finds his forever home, which is what we’re looking for for Jake.

Jake is available for adoption for $1000.