Joly Joker – “Joker”

Joly Joker – “Joker”

For a limited time, we’re offering ATR’s RRP horse Jolly Joker for adoption for $4,000. 5 years old, 15.3 hands, and solid all around horse that is an incredible athlete and the most comfortable ride you’ll find.

Walk/trot/canters, jumps, bends, frames up, leg yields, while being a slight push ride in a ring. Extensively trail ridden, swims, jumps, and has solid background in natural horsemanship. Ridden Engilsh and Western. You can rope off him, pony off him, drag logs, you name it.

Best for intermediate or advanced rider, but incredibly fun, kind horse who tries harder than anyone to please. No vices at all. Front shod, up to date on everything. Only offering for adoption now as ATR currently not planning to make the drive to Kentucky in October.

This horse will shine in anything he does. Dressage riders will love him. Endurance riders will love him. Eventers or even hunters will love him.

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