Our Love Affair – “Tryst”

Our Love Affair – “Tryst”

Tryst was adopted by Brandy near Harrisburg, PA. Brandy is looking forward to having her be a part of her family as a pleasure horse for herself and, one day, her kids!

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“Tryst” is a very sweet, 7 year old, 15.3+ hand chestnut mare who retired in early 2017. She arrived at the end of April from Penn National’s New Start for Horses program after 13 starts at the track. Tryst was lightly raced, having moved around a bit in her career. She started in California and ended up in Pennsylvania to finish her racing career.

Our vet evaluated Tryst on May 4th. We took radiographs of her knees because we were given reason to believe they were worth looking at. In truth, they were pretty clean! There was a little wear that might have led to her retirement from racing, but that our vet does not believe will affect her second career.

Tryst was recently put into work in mid-June and is quickly settling into her new program. This horse tries so hard to please and is quickly learning to balance herself and work with her rider in a new environment. She has decent steering, great brakes, and is just starting over ground poles.