Peanutbutterbrown – “Peanut”

Peanutbutterbrown – “Peanut”

Peanut was adopted in early September, 2017 by Johanna in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Kristy is looking forward to taking her time with Peanut and turning him into the hunter we know he’s meant to be!

Original post:

16.3 hand, 2008 gelding. Retired sound in 2014 to his owner/breeder’s farm. They decided later he was too nice to sit and should find a riding home. Enter, Second Call and After The Races! Peanut’s feet weren’t in great shape when we got them, having been quite over trimmed and without heels, but he is one of the kindest and sweetest horses in the barn. Under saddle, that kindness continues to show, though he’s still green.

Evaluated by our vet mid-August, Peanut should have no limitations, though still needs someone with a good farrier to keep his feet going in the right direction. He would also likely do best in a 24/7 turn-out situation as he’s a mild cribber and stall walker. We do bring him in every day and currently do not have problems with him walking or cribbing when given a stall guard. He loves being in the middle of things and getting a front-row seat to the barn action! He also does not wear a collar in our pastures, though we do have electric on top of our wood fence.

Moves well enough to make a nice hunter or amateur event horse.