The Silver Sniper – “Kyle”

The Silver Sniper, nicknamed “Kyle,” is a 16+ hand, grey gelding who retired through Penn National’s New Start program in September, 2017. Kyle was a decent racehorse, winning over $60,000 in 22 starts. After a couple slow starts, his connections decided to let him retire.

Kyle retired with a good bit of wear and tear in his knees, and New Start stepped up to get him surgery to clean them out. Surgery was done by Unionville Equine Associates and his prognosis for a riding career is good! Kyle will have a fairly involved rehab process, and will likely not be ready for adoption til January or so.

In the barn, Kyle is already proving sweet and happy to be here. We were told he was a great patient at UEA and can’t wait to get to know him better.

Photos to come soon.