Standing Point

Standing Point

We are so thrilled to announce Standing Point was adopted at the end of April, 2017 and will be continuing his foxhunting career!

Original post:

This 2010 veteran of 27 races is a lovely gelding named Standing Point. Standing Point originally came to ATR through the Second Call program at Monmouth Park. Standing Point was a program favorite and adopted over a year ago by a foxhunter in Unionville, PA. He got off to a fantastic start, being started over fences by Phillip Dutton and schooled by several talented riders. His first season fox hunting went great and he finished the season in first flight jumping 3’6″ fences.

With only 18 months or so off the track, Standing Point should still be considered green, but would be a terrific mount for an experienced rider looking to have some fun. He has done one novice level event and was DQ’d only because his rider entered the ring with a standing martingale! Standing Point was reported to be a very honest jumper and brave, and while we aren’t set up to do much jumping on the farm, we did take him cross country schooling at Fair Hill and he was everything we were told. Brave, honest, jumps anything you point him at with room to spare. Height is no issue!

Standing Point would do best with a confident intermediate or better rider. He’s very quiet in the ring and hacks out bravely, jumps bravely, but gets a bit strong in a group out in the open (though not enough an experienced cross country rider would have any issue and he can certainly hack on the buckle out in a group as well between gallops or fences). We think he just misses the hunt field.