Stutz Hero

Stutz Hero

Stutz was extremely fortunate to have been adopted by Libby and her mother, both successful hunter riders, in NC. We are beyond thrilled they took her to train into a lesson horse and short stirrup horse which we know she will absolutely excel at. Way to go, Stutz!

Original post:

Stutz Hero is a very sweet, feminine 5 year old filly that was unraced but retired from training in March, 2015. Due to some changes in her hocks that needed time to fuse, Stutz was kept on a foster farm for nearly TWO years. She just came back to ATR after radiographs finally cleared her to go back to work, and she is all grown up!

Stutz stands around 15.3 hands and is remarkably well-tempered and a joy to work with. She is an absolute doll of a horse who we would love to see packing short-stirrup kids around a hunter ring one day. While we think with her build and movement she’d make an excellent hunter, she’d also be suitable for pleasure riding in general.

We started Stutz back in work toward the end of September and even after 2 years off and only a little race training under her belt, she’s been a gem. She lunges nicely, she stands for mounting, and has a very willing attitude. So far we haven’t seen any silliness or naughtiness, just a horse that is happy to try hard for her rider. She’s also proving very brave, holding it together when another rider fell off and their horse zoomed around the ring, and ignoring passing tractor trailers and tractors here on the farm. We’ve just done walk/trot for now as she figures out the ins and outs of balancing and where to put her head, but will be adding the canter soon. She is still green, as all our horses are, but she’s going to make a lovely little project for someone to bring along.