Stutz Hero

Stutz Hero is a very sweet, feminine 5 year old filly that was unraced but retired from training in March, 2015. She is currently all leg and growing, but stands around 15.2-15.3 hands. She has a lovely light build and is very attractive and sweet in person.

Stutz did not race due to a chip on the top of her sesamoid. Vets who have examined her and her x-rays have given her a good prognosis, saying most horses with this sort of fragment actually do quite well without having it removed.

We expect Stutz will certainly be cleared for most low level work and possibly cleared for much more when she gets her final evaluation. She is a wonderful horse with a terrific temperament that would do well in any barn and could easily grow into a child’s hunter or child’s mount type ride with some miles.


Stutz is available for adoption now for $800.