Tigers Bop – “Tiger”

Tigers Bop – “Tiger”

Tiger was adopted in January, 2018 by a family of ATR volunteers located in Nottingham, PA. Leslie, Malinda, and John all look forward to riding and working with Tiger as he masters the profession of active pleasure horse and potentially jumper or event horse as well. After seeing them work with and ride him here at our farm, we know it will be a wonderful, life-long match.

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“Tiger” is an extremely kind gelding who at 5 years old and 17 hands should catch a lot of attention. He retired sound through Beyond the Wire’s program in Maryland. After racing he was turned out to let down, and without remaining at the track with a trainer who was anxious to free up a stall (like so many others), he was left on turn-out for more than 6 months! Beyond the Wire sent him to After the Races upon remembering he needed to go somewhere that would work to find him a long-term home and he arrived the day before Thanksgiving.

We are certainly glad to get to know Tiger. In addition to being sound and clean legged, this big-boned guy is a great mover and has one of the most wonderful, easy-going temperaments. He is also remaining quite comfortable while being maintained barefoot, a nice bonus. He gets along just fine with mares and geldings alike and is very easy to have on our farm. He settled into his new routine immediately and is enjoying getting time to be a horse as After the Races is spending most of its time and effort right now on moving facilities.

When we’ve had some down time we have put Tiger to work and he went right to it with no fuss. He has a big, leggy trot, and an uphill canter that covers ground. In his first two rides we’ve focused mainly on walk/trot and going over ground poles which he does happily. By his third ride he was hitting the trails and was a natural off the farm as well, leading, following, hopping over logs and tackling small banks. He is a very straightforward ride for a big guy whose only prior training was to race. Will come along very quickly in a professional program or likely also happily bop around as a pleasure horse, whichever speed suits you.