Tilted Halo – “Halo”

Tilted Halo – “Halo”

Halo was adopted by Marty over in Jennersville, PA in April of 2016. Marty owns Fox Crossing, a well-known show facility in the area and hopes to bring Halo along as her next project, possibly in jumpers or dressage. Whatever sport she pursues, I know he’ll shine! Marty has reported that he’s settled in well and has been doing great under saddle, enjoying some time hacking as well as doing flat work in the indoor.

Original post:

“Halo” is a very kind, 16+ hand chestnut gelding who turns 5 in May. He arrived to After the Races at the end of February from Penn National’s New Start for Horses. Halo is a modest career with only 8 starts that retired in need of some TLC. Halo arrived with some fairly aggressive rain rot on his legs and a bit tender footed. In the past month, we’ve gotten his rain rot all cleared up and some new shoes seem to be helping his feet. The coloration around his face is permanent, not part of what is being treated, and we find it endearing. Certainly will help him stand out in a crowd.

Halo is quickly earning his status as a barn favorite with his seemingly innate desire to just be GOOD. All in all he’s clearly a very kind horse who tries hard to please and has been very nice to work with. He gets along well with other horses and even lives with a mare as well as other geldings. We hope to get video before long that will show off his movement as he is something to see, but we’re not in a hurry.

Halo’s veterinary evaluation went great. He presented as sound, clean-legged, and in good weight and condition. Our vet saw no reason to put any limits on him. Halo also participated in a seminar at Unionville Equine where several vets took turns ultrasounding around his spine and pelvic area. Unlike another horse we took, they found nothing to report on Halo, which is good news! In addition, he was the perfect demo horse as he stood and soaked up the attention for hours.