Wickedly Valiant

Wickedly Valiant

Wicked was adopted by Rachel in Northern Maryland in March of 2017. Rachel is absolutely thrilled to have found Wicked and can’t wait to bring her along slowly using natural horsemanship and then work together toward doing some jumping and eventing. Rachel fell in love with Wicked’s personality, as did we, and reported that she settled right in. We can’t wait to hear how she develops.

Original post:

Wickedly Valiant is a beautiful nearly-black filly who was bred and raced in PA and came to us by way of New Start for Horses, a retirement program based at Penn National. This filly is petite and probably stands around 15.2-15.3 now as she’s approaching 4 years of age. Her grandsire, Dynaformer, is known to produce serious athleticism and drive in his offspring and we’re hopeful she inherited that will to work in another discipline even though she was a bit slow as a racehorse.

Wicked’s last race was only in mid-January, so we’ll be letting her enjoy some downtime at the farm for the next few weeks before we ride her (probably til mid to late February), but she is still available to look at for those with the experience to restart an OTTB themselves. Wicked had a good veterinary evaluation that found no lameness and fairly clean legs. She has one slightly capped hock which is at this point cosmetic and poses no limitations on her future. Conformationally she’s not perfect, but she’s still a great mover and we think has a great future ahead of her.

In the barn Wicked has a sweet, inquisitive, and even mischievous personality that frequently gives us a good laugh in the mornings. She will likely fit in well with any barn, but particularly one where she gets to enjoy more turnout then time cooped up in a stall. But who wouldn’t want that?