While you can read more about Pip on her page here on the website, we think she’s worth pointing out to those who aren’t paying attention.

Are you looking to event? Run barrels? Show jump? Play polo, or work toward pretty much any competitive and demanding discipline in the equine world? If so, you should be looking at My Pippa.

Pip has been with ATR for several months now. She has had her let down time and she has more than 30 days of under saddle training. She is sound. She has three lovely gaits. She gets both leads. She has auto changes often while jumping. Oh and of course, she jumps! In fact, this mare LOVES to jump. She does not say no to a fence, though is working on her distances now.

Pip also has been logging trail miles and loves riding out. She’s traffic safe, and has been tested over logs, through debris, leading and following and does everything well with a confident rider. She has not been ridden out alone, but none of our horses are for safety reasons!

On the ground and in the barn, Pip is a total professional. Easy to catch, easy to lead (can be led with several horses in hand), stands tied, loves her baths, and enjoys being groomed. This mare has no vices. She is good for the vet and for the farrier and is easy to load and unload.  Attitude wise, she is a professional as well. She wants to have a job and she wants to work. While a cuddle session is not on her list of priorities, she will certainly enjoy a little rub and a treat after a job well done.

We’re only asking $1,500 for Pip, which is an incredible steal. Act now before we start taking her to shows and her adoption fee increases!