It is time the spotlight rested firmly on Diva until she finds a home. Diva is a 15.2 hand, 8 year old horse with a rags to riches story. Despite her somewhat mysterious background, she is perfectly sound, barefoot, and has no vices or limitations.

Diva is a total professional. She will perform well on the flat and absolutely rock any course of jumps you put before her. She is not afraid of flying and eats up every fence. She is starting to develop auto changes and is so handy that she can tackle roll-back turns and quick changes of directions without missing a single beat. “No” is not in this amazing horse’s vocabulary.

diva 8

Diva recently went for her first cross-country schooling and nailed every fence. We are starting to look for shows to take her to, but if no one adopts this horse soon, our assistant manager Jade might just keep her for herself, so if you’re interested, ACT NOW!