Catfive is an amazing 2011 gelding who came to the ATR program in August of 2015. In October, he found his forever home with a woman named Jeannette in Pasadena, Maryland. Catfive is joining ATR graduate Meadow Cat at High Tide Farm where Jeannette hopes to bond with him and have a mount she can enjoy for trails and polo and other fun sports.  We cannot wait to hear how more on how they are doing.

ATR Director Bonnie Hutton and board member Katie McIntyre were lucky enough to be able to ship Catfive to his new home and can attest that he will be in both excellent hands and excellent care. We are envious of their waterfront property and can only imagine Catfive will be enjoying many summer dips in the Chesapeake Bay.

Enjoy the high life, Catfive!