Pip came to ATR as a lovely 4 year old, 16 hand bay mare with dapples trying to come out. She retired and arrived at ATR on April 16th, 2015 from Penn National’s New Start program. Pip retired sound with with no limiting injuries. After getting some time off to grow hoof and be a horse, Pip proved to be a gem to work with and loved going back to work and finding a job as a jumper. She was the easiest horse to have around, from her barn manners to riding, and even though she took longer than expected to find the perfect home, find it she did!

After completing a jumping clinic with Priscilla Godsoe, Pip caught the eye of Samantha from the Cochranville, PA area who came out to try her soon after. After a couple trial rides at our farm, she decided Pip was the one, and the two returned to their farm in Cochranville where they’ve already begun her retraining toward a career in eventing. After watching Sam and Pip together, we are so thrilled for the match and wish them the absolute best!

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