The title of this post might seem misleading, but No It Isn’t is a chestnut mare adopted by Kaitlyn several years ago. Now called “Tillie,” the two are working their way up the levels in eventing. Proving that new horse ownership is not always sunshine and rainbows, Tillie was a challenge that Kaitlyn met head on, and the two of them have turned into an amazing team! Check out her update from yesterday below:

“I got No It Isn’t, AKA Tillie from ATR as a four year old. I was so incredibly frustrated with horse shopping that I finally asked Bonnie to just send me whatever she had that was sound and passed a vetting. Little did I know, this little mare was very creative at finding ways to hurt herself, requiring many stints of stall rest and phone calls with the vet. Despite all this, her personality made me stick it out. By the time she turned 6, we had finally gotten most of the recurring injuries under control. I finally got to get the mare into work and discovered just how high energy this mare is.

She needs a challenge and craves it! I did not particularly want a chestnut mare, but that is what I got. When she is “on” she will go above and beyond for me. Her work ethic is the best I have come across and she is so game out cross country that she’s truly a machine. Her drive and talent have allowed us to start the season at beginner novice and finish at training level. She continues to surprise me and has surpassed my expectations. I am really excited to see where she takes me.”