Someone needs to adopt this horse before we keep her for ourselves!

It is time the spotlight rested firmly on Diva until she finds a home. Diva is a 15.2 hand, 8 year old horse with a rags to riches story. Despite her somewhat mysterious background, she is perfectly sound, barefoot, and has no vices or limitations.

Diva is a total professional. She will perform well on the flat and absolutely rock any course of jumps you put before her. She is not afraid of flying and eats up every fence. She is starting to develop auto changes and is so handy that she can tackle roll-back turns and quick changes of directions without missing a single beat. “No” is not in this amazing horse’s vocabulary.

Diva recently went for her first cross-country schooling and nailed every fence. We are starting to look for shows to take her to, but if no one adopts this horse soon, our assistant manager Jade might just keep her for herself, so if you’re interested, ACT NOW!

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Spring is coming and our barn is full. Let us know what you’re looking for!

With our current set up, we have the capacity for 23 horses at After the Races. If you don’t see 23 horses on our available horses list this is because we generally have several who are in the more intensive phase of their rehabilitation.

However! We often have horses who have come in recently that simply have not had their photographs taken yet or who are being let down who have just not made it to the website. So please, if you do not see what you are looking for, or don’t want to sort through all of our horses, send us a message via our Contact Us form and let us know what you’re seeking. We pride ourselves on our ability to fit horse to rider and we will not suggest a horse that we do not believe is capable of fitting your needs.

So drop us a line. We are very happy to hear from you.

(Click the above image to see some of our recently added photos!)

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Over a dozen horses ready to go!

If you are looking for your next horse, go no further! No matter what your aspirations are, we likely have a horse that will fit your needs.  After the Races is currently enjoying a wave of sound, beautiful horses who are ready to move on to their new homes.  We have horses of all shapes and sizes, genders, and colors.

Do you want an unraced 2 year old that you can start your own way? Check out Senor Amarga.


Looking for your next event horse? Take a look at GI Joey, Take My Time, Shewasnicerthen, First Lieutenant, or many of our other athletic residents.

Do you have low level aspirations and just want to have a good time with a good horse? We can help you with that as well. Contact us today to let us know what it is you are looking for, and we will let you know what we have that fits the bill.

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Several Open Stalls – Now Offering Layup Services or Temporary Board

With the recent addition of a second barn, After the Races has some room left to grow into at both facilities. We still take horses from Turning for Home and will continue to do so, and have recently begun taking horses from New Start located at Penn National.

However, if there are trainers looking to place horses in programs such as ours, we are now capable of taking horses directly from trainers or owners from any track. In order for a horse to be placed in the After the Races program, we require full disclosure of any known injuries or issues the horse may have, their foal papers if obtainable, and a one-time donation toward the care of the horse. We are happy to take horses who are injured as long as their injuries are recoverable. A one time donation toward their care is not much more than the cost of stalls at the track or time spent in another layup facility, and comes with the assurance that the horse will receive the best care, including all necessary veterinary care and diagnostics, and be protected under contract when we find them a suitable, long-term home.

In addition to allowing horses to come in from more sources, we also are offering a few stalls up for LAYUP horses. Horses who need stall rest, limited exercise or turn-out, or have daily medical needs may be boarded with us starting at only $600 a month, depending on the need. As we have been rehabilitating Thoroughbreds now for four years through After the Races, we have seen and treated a variety of injuries and illnesses and have the experience and expertise to get the job done while keeping the horse as happy and comfortable as possible. We are also capable of administering all medications, even those required to be given IM or IV or through a catheter, and are happy to work with your vet or ours throughout the process.

Please contact us via our contact form on our site for more information or with any questions.


Bonnie Hutton
Director and Founder

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Give a Horse a Home for the Holidays!

 There may be a chill in the air, or even a flurry, but After the Races still has many wonderful horses looking for homes. Many are ready to go home in time for the holidays and we hope you will give them a look.  If weather is poor, we are willing to meet you at an indoor local to our farm in order to show horses.  And if you act now, by December 15th, all adoption fees are negotiable to an approved home!

Horses that are unlimited in their potential and could be your next show horse include: 

Big Blackjack (17.0 hand, 4 y/o, gelding)
Her Pride N Joy (15.1 hand, 5 y/o, mare)
Ennie’s Lament (16.2 hand, 4 y/o, mare)
Meadow Cat (16.0 hand, 5 y/o, gelding)
Sting Boy (16.2 hand, 7 y/o, gelding)
Maribels Graygirl (16.1 hand, 9 y/0, grey mare)
TheFiveSecondRule (16.2+ hand, 3/o, filly)
Northern Glow (16.1 hand, 4 y/o, gelding)
Solid Demand (16.0 hand, 12 y/o, gelding)

Horses that should make nice pleasure horses that are certainly worth a look are:
Yuki (15.3 hand, 5 y/o, gelding)
Bialystok (16.2 hand, 4 y/o, gelding)
Kitty Bell (15.1 hand, 3 y/o, filly)
Lean and Lanky (16.2 hand, 4 y/o, gelding)

Horses frequently are coming in or getting adopted out, so actually look on our Horses page for a list of current horses. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, shoot us an e-mail at [email protected] and tell us what you are looking for!

We hope you enjoy your visit, and if you like what you see, please make a donation on our Donation page to help keep our doors open and helping Thoroughbreds in need of a place to go.

Thank you,
Bonnie Hutton

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As Fall Rolls In…

As Fall starts to set in here at After the Races, we hope you are still looking or a new riding partner as you come to visit our page. As long as we are able, we will be riding our sound horses up to 5 times a week in our grass riding area or round pen, assessing their strengths and weaknesses as they look for new homes. Those that are ready are also started on trails, or travel to a neighbor’s indoor for schooling and experience. We give these horses every opportunity that we can to learn while in our care.

As a reminder, After the Races is very adopter-friendly. We offer a full transfer of ownership to adopters, and have a simple application process that relies largely on references. We are actively looking for homes for a variety of horses, ones that can go on to full show careers as well as those looking for a quieter life on the trails or as a family horse.

Also if you are interested in a horse who may not be quite available yet (for example, a horse with a bow who is on turn out), please still contact us. We would love to talk to you about sponsorship or, if you are experienced and capable, finishing the rehab at your farm so that they could go home with you sooner.

As always, donations are needed and welcome to help us cover the cost of rehabilitating so many horses throughout the winter. It costs $550 a month per horse to be in our program, and we would be happy to show sponsor love to any individuals or entities that would like to be a part of what we do here.

Enjoy looking, and do not hesitate to contact us if you do not see what you are looking for as we may have something coming up that is not on the site just yet. We also have contacts with other organizations in the area and could perhaps lead you to another group with a horse suitable for you. Whatever it takes to help these great horses find homes.

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Month of the Mares

It looks like August will be the month of the mares here at After the Races. We have several wonderful mares ready for adoption or that will be soon. If you are a fan of the girls or are willing to give one a chance we hope you will consider setting up an appointment to meet them.

Here’s just a small sample of what we have available for adoption (for more, please visit our Horses page above).

Run for Fun:

4 year old filly, 15.3 and growing. This girl has been under saddle and is doing very well.  While still green she is eager to please with enough energy to be fun for a show rider or active pleasure rider.  She has no vices and no known injuries and is SOUND!

Reign Belle:

3 year old filly, just hitting 15.3 now.  We have not had her under saddle yet, as we were giving her some time off to be a horse first.  Unraced and sound and the fanciest mover in the barn. Compact, athletic, and graceful, we see her as a true upper level prospect.

All Around Fancy:

5 year old mare, 15.3 hands. Starting with natural horsemanship and lunging, she has been a quick and eager learner. Sweet temperament, loves attention, no soundness issues or injuries. Would make an excellent pleasure horse or competitor.


6 year old mare, 16.0 hands. Beautiful, flashy, nice mover by Harry the Hat. Would make a wonderful pleasure or low to mid level show horse. Good working attitude, no vices. Sound. Started under saddle.

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Thank you for the continued support: 501(c)3 Status Granted!

It has been a long time coming. Since late 2010, After the Races has been offering a place for retiring and often injured ex-racehorses to come rehabilitate physically and mentally before working to find their long term home.  Even though we have been pending as a 501(c)3 organization since August of 2011, it took 22 months to receive our official determination letter!

Even with the pending status, we were lucky to have so many great people come around us in support of our mission and helping these wonderful horses.  Even small donations made over the years have played a part in keeping our doors open and our horses fed and cared for. Professionals giving us discounts, often without us asking or sometimes even realizing, or donating services entirely, individuals giving up some of their time and money to help the horses and see After the Races get a chance to grow… There are too many people to mention and to thank in one post.

If you are a fan of the off track Thoroughbred (or OTTB), a fan of rehabilitation and rescue, or simply a fan of the work we strive to do here, I’d encourage you to consider making a donation or pledge to After the Races.  Donations and adoption fees help to keep our doors open, provide essential diagnostic tests and medical treatment necessary for proper rehabilitation, and allow us to improve the lives for many retiring Thoroughbreds.  Donations can be made through PayPal using the links at the top right of our page, or in the form of checks made out to After the Races and mailed to 79 Roberts Road, Nottingham, PA 19362.  And all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you. We could not do this without you and we truly appreciate the support.

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Check out Impossible Rittle!

Impossible Rittle, ‘Rittle,’ is a beautiful 4 year old mare.  Of all our horses she has currently been with us the longest through no fault of her own.  In a nutshell, she is 15.0 hands, barefoot with great feet, sound, sweet, great under saddle, and a talented potential jumper.  She is currently doing walk/trot along with ground poles and has been free jumped over small obstacles and shown great form.  Take a look at her page to see video of her movement and her jumping.

(click on the photo to go through her album)

The only reason she is still with us is because of our full-disclosure policy on known injuries.  Rittle does have two screws in one ankle (that she raced on without problem) and she had an apical sesamoid fracture which retired her from racing, but that no longer inhibits her performance.  Rittle is first and foremost sound, and barefoot to boot.  She has passed a flexion test and examination.

Though she has been approved to go on without limitation, we’d love to see her go to a lower-level home as she has a terrific temperament to be a child’s or amateur hunter or a confidence building horse for someone wanting to do elementary or beginner novice eventing. Likewise, she would make an equally excellent trail horse or pleasure horse.  She may not have high level dreams, but we don’t believe all horses must to be adoptable.

We want whoever adopts her to know everything about her history and want her regardless as we want her to have a long-term home. So there it is, all out on the table.  If you think you could give this intelligent, sweet, athletic little mare a chance and a home, please contact us today.  She’s ready to go and deserves a home as much as any of them.

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Derwin’s Wildcat Undergoes Minor Surgery

Derwin’s Wildcat, a horse we’ve had in our program here at After the Races for just 5 weeks, recently underwent a minor surgery to remove a growth from her upper eyelid. This sort of growth is rare in a dark colored horse without any white hair or pink skin around the eye. She had it when she arrived, and after 4 weeks it had not decreased in size, so Dr. Donaldson advised us to have it removed.

The offending growth.

On Friday, April 26, 2013, Dr. Ricardo Loinas, Dr. Molly Kopec, and one of Unionville’s externs came out to perform the procedure here at the farm. We are happy to announce that Derwin recovered quickly and easily and her eye looks great! She is living a normal life, minus the presence of the growth on her eye. Tissue from the growth has been sent to New Bolton Center for a biopsy and we hope it comes back clean.

In the meantime, Derwin should be started into work soon and we can’t wait to see how she progresses with her training now that she’s enjoyed the last 5 weeks to put on some weight and settle into herd life here at After the Races.

Thank you again, Dr. Loinas and the staff of Unionville Equine!

The team at work.

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